Friday, July 01, 2022


     As the end of May 2022 approaches, we are blessed to five phenomenal Students graduating from different High Schools. Each one is a testament of God's mercy, love, and power. Many obstacles have been in their path from childhood, but through many prayers, in just a few more days, they will have their moment of praise as they will walk down the isle and receive their diploma.
     As a Pastor I can tell you that nothing has been given to these students. In fact it's been the opposite. Through their losses, injuries, sicknesses, and financial struggles, they have kept their eyes on Jesus. This is what is so amazing, they never gave up! Their Parents and Guardians of course have became the source of inspiration. Each family was invested wholly to seeing them achieve what many call a Miracle after miracle. 
     After this the Students will now seek a path that God has prepared for them. I am convinced that they will succeed and live a fruitful life. I base this though not on their abilities, but in their faith. We as a Church must continue to encourage them and others. In a short period of time, as they establish themselves in their careers, education, workforce professions, and family, they will one day lead this congregation to the next phase of life. Perhaps from this group of Students, God will call them to be Pastors, Teachers, Deacons, Evangelist, Counselors, etc., the list of possibilities are endless. 
         On the meantime, we must all prepare ourselves for the next group of Students that will follow. That is why it's important to continue to invest in the life of the Children. Leading others to Christ is an ongoing effort that must not die. Because if we don't, the Church will die with them. This is only a testament of what God can continue to do His will for our lives. Hallelujah!
     Today we see ourselves sending-off our students going off to a College, University, or workforce. If we reach more people at the pace were growing today, tomorrow we will be the institution where students can get their education, degree, and work experience. God's kingdom has many dimensions. All I know is this, "that He who started a good work in you, is faithful to finish it!" Philippians 1:6